I Spark the Personal and Collective Energy of Your Retreats and Mastermind Gatherings

Engineer psychological safety

Facilitate individual growth and clarity

Choreograph powerful conversations

Unleash your group’s highest potential - individually and collectively

Allow Your Brilliance to Shine

Your followers choose to attend your retreats and Mastermind sessions to learn from your wisdom and experience the positive energy you emanate during live events.


However, they don’t attend to see you fuss with the logistics and facilitation involved with group exercises.

In fact, you’d probably prefer to have an expert handle this for you. This allows your brilliance to shine its brightest as you interact with attendees.


So why not tap into my 10+ years of group facilitation expertise?

You’ll be able to focus on what you do best,
which further elevates your stature.

Connective Conversations

Let’s face it. When participants first show up for a group Mastermind event they tend to feel a little withdrawn and shy about opening up.


This is understandable. We’ve all been there.

However, Mastermind attendees must be in their most aligned state to enter into a group setting and contribute whole-heartedly.

This is where I help you.


I do so by leading participants through an Appreciative Inquiry process that centers on asking thought-provoking questions that stimulate conversations between attendees.

Create Psychological Safety

My process cultivates psychological safety among your guests so they feel comfortable bringing their gifts and talents to the forefront – knowing they’ll be fully received and supported.

The result is a dynamic group connectivity that motivates attendees to pour their energy and imagination into your event.

Unleash Individual Genius Through Collective Interaction

When your attendees feel safe and secure they’ll enhance their own genius through the collective interaction of your group dynamic.


This level of shared stimulation empowers participants to connect emotionally and intellectually with each other as they:

  • Gain clarity of vision and clear away the fog of limiting beliefs
  • Search within themselves for answers and unlimited possibilities
  • Discover how to act from their future selves and take bold risks


Through such reflective input, your guests will also feel more evolved and aware of their true strengths.

Stay in the Spotlight

As I facilitate the choreography of your Mastermind setting, you’ll be free to be present with your guests and engage fully in your event.


This keeps you in the spotlight, enabling your wisdom, guidance, and expertise to take center stage so your event can be as vibrant and memorable as you envisioned.

I’d love speaking to you about how I can facilitate powerful conversations and connections within your Mastermind that allows your brilliance to shine.

P.S. My Mastermind facilitation service was recently featured in an article by Benjamin P. Hardy on I invite you to read it by CLICKING HERE.