Self Mastery

Self Mastery

What will it take for you to become the Change Agent you're meant to be?

Self-Mastery, whole-life coaching for spirited change agents seeking to lead with contagious clarity, confidence, and energy.

The Six Elements of Self-Mastery

Clear Intentions

Purpose, Vision, Goals

Elevated Energy

Gratitude, Joy, Love

Mindful Self-Reflection

Meditation, Journaling, Prayer

Radical Generosity

Abundance Mindset, Selfless Giving

Positive Impact

Making a difference in the lives of others

Continuous Growth

Growth Mindset, Accepting of Failure, Always Learning

Come out of hiding and step into your power

Your level of self-mastery (self-awareness + energy + habitual practices) determines whether you live by default, or consciously create the life you love.

When you have clear intentions, consistently radiate elevated emotions (joy, love, abundance, appreciation), practice self-reflection (meditation​journaling, prayer) and radical generosity while constantly learning and growing, you transmit a contagious, positive energy that ripples out to all the people who interact with you and puts more good out into the world.

Is self-mastery, whole-life coaching for YOU?

Ask yourself these questions to see...

  • Am I aware that where I am now (in one area of my life or more) is not where I want to be?
  • Do I feel strongly that I want to change?
  • Am I ready to reflect on what my own center is and on what my deepest motivations and intentions are?
  • Am I ready to discover and dissolve obstacles?
  • Am I willing to explore the many possibilities available to me with an open heart and mind?
  • Am I committed to a path of growth and continuous improvement?
  • Am I willing to remain present and agile as I venture on the journey of becoming?

If you answered 'yes' to most or all of these questions, you're ready for self-mastery coaching.

One-on-One Leadership Assessment and Single Coaching Session/Debrief

Objective: Build self-awareness to gain clarity and maximize influence and impact.

  • Hogan Personality Assessment to measure bright spots, derailers and drivers
  • ​A one-time 90-minute customized coaching session to debrief results

Leadership Assessment + One-on-One Self-Mastery Coaching

6 Month Package (save $1000) OR Monthly

Objective: Build self-awareness and mastery to deepen impact, maximize influence and lead with intention.

  • Hogan Personality Assessment to measure bright spots, derailers and drivers
  • Customized one-on-one leader coaching via video conference (two 60-90 min sessions/month)
  • Unlimited email/phone access in between sessions