UnLeash Your Group Genius

UnLeash Your Group Genius

Ignite team creativity

Transform your cultural DNA

Accelerate outcomes and productivity

Identify and leverage your hidden strengths

Harness the energy of your collective wisdom

Cultivating Your Culture Is a Must

If you don’t set the intention of developing a shared collective culture within your company, one will develop on its own. But it may not be the one you want.


Creating a culture in which team members can leverage their gifts to help your company achieve the vision you have for it requires focused attention.


I’ve helped dozens of groups and organizations do this.


So why not put my 10+ years of proven expertise to work for you?

Questions Empower Group Wisdom

I facilitate:


  • Conversations
  • initiating change
  • Moving people in the direction of being their best selves
  • Discovering what they love
  • Being in alignment with their purpose


I do this through an Appreciative Inquiry process that centers on asking powerful questions that cultivate psychological safety and stimulate group genius.

I’d love speaking to you about how I can help you facilitate conversations that ignites your culture and unleashes your group genius.

Scan for Possibilities Instead of Problems

Our brains have a negativity bias to protect us from danger. This is why most people tend to focus on problems instead of solutions.


By encouraging conversations and asking the right questions in a relaxed group atmosphere, I am able to mine possibilities within your company and empower your team to:

  • Identify your hidden strengths
  • Eliminate deficit thinking and beliefs
  • Develop a list of shared aspirations
  • Create an inspiring, stimulating environment
  • Heighten a feeling of collective positive energy
  • Craft new stories about what can be achieved
  • Build a collective group wisdom that sees no limits

Feel Safe and Supported

Through my Appreciative Inquiry process, your team members will show up each day feeling they can bring their full gifts and talents to your organization – knowing they’ll be well received and supported.


The result is a flourishing atmosphere and greater cultural connectivity that encourages a collective imagination to take hold in your organization.


This is immensely more powerful than individuals working alone in detached silos.


Most importantly, it speeds your ability to manifest the vision of what you know your company can achieve!