Conscious Facilitation

Conscious Facilitation

"I help companies and learning communities identify and amplify shared purpose, vision, values and activate learning and belonging. " (online and in person)

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I help Learning Communities (Conferences, Retreats, Mastermind Communities) to...

  • Generate conversations between members/attendees that lead to deep connection
  • Infuse content (learning) with conversation to accelerate learning
  • Move from a passive to active style of sharing information
  • Shift from 'sage on the stage' insight sharing to crowdsourcing wisdom
  • Create an environment of belonging and continuous building of communal capital


  • Designing an agenda aligned with desired outcomes
  • Being your strategic partner up to and throughout the event
  • Facilitating the event(s) and managing back-end tech on Zoom
  • Measuring outcomes and sharing back wisdom / crowdsourced results with the group

I help companies to...

  • Solve business problems by moving from problem to possibility thinking
  • Build a culture of belonging and innovation
  • Create shared purpose / vision / values and bring their vision to life
  • Strategically convene their clients to create learning communities


  • Designing an agenda / program aligned with desired outcomes
  • Engaging the team in designing the event to ensure alignment with culture and strategy
  • Being a strategic partner with over 10 years in corporate Leadership Development & Learning Experience
  • Facilitating the online event(s) and managing the back-end tech on Zoom
  • Measuring effectiveness and supporting with implementation of the ideas surface




old paradigm

  • Command & control

  • Few people have answers

  • Focus on problems

  • Exclusive

  • Fear-based


how I work

  • Collective wisdom

  • Asking the whole

  • Focus on possibilities 

  • Inclusive

  • Safety-based

“Adair brought so much energy and heart to our online meeting of stakeholders, top customers, and influencers. Through her masterful online facilitation, she helped us LIVE our mission to awaken joy as a force for change and generate powerful ideas to shape our future which resulted in 3 valuable opportunities! An additional bonus? I didn’t have to lead the session, which allowed me to fully engage as a participant in the co-creation of our next new.”

Mitzi Rivas

CEO and Founder of Livie & Luca

“As someone whose business relied heavily on in-person events prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, having Adair support my platform with her connective, collaborative facilitation approach and positive energy was a game-changer! The experience for my customers was as close to a well-designed in-person experience as you can get and in many ways, even better. The opportunity for deep connection and conversation was deeply appreciated by those in my Real Producers Community.”

Jordan Espeseth

Publisher, Real Producers Magazine DFW

“When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we decided to bring our clients together so they could learn and be resourceful together. To do that, we hired Adair with XCHANGE and have continued to grow our focus on events because of how she’s successfully gone above and beyond to deliver connective, collaborative convenings online.”

Andrew Smallwood

Director of Sales, Second Nature

“Adair was lovely! Her energy was infectious, she had incredible tone and cadence and she made the virtual experience very personal.”

Vanessa Manning

Owner, Provocateur Consulting
  • Ask

  • Choreograph

  • Open

  • Create

“You were an amazing host Adair!”

~ Chris Voss, Former FBI Hostage Negotiator & Bestselling Author of Never Split the Difference

Strategic Consult


We will cover...

  • Detailed review of your challenges, opportunities and aspirations

  • Suggested strategy for creating exponential outcomes - shared identity, shared future, whole system change

  • Options for partnering with an XCHANGE Guide

Shared Identity

$7500 - $15K

(1 day or less)

Groups will...

  • Discover large-scale connection to a powerful, transcendent purpose

  • Clarify and align around their most important shared strengths

  • Create (from scratch), or amplify, core values and guiding principles that will amplify cooperative power

Custom Workshops

$15k - $40K

(1-2 days)

Participants will learn...

  • How to design mission critical questions and conversations

  • Ways to engineer psychological safety into any group setting

  • Practical applications for unlocking shared purpose, strengths, values, visions and aligned action

Whole System Change

$50k - $250K

(2-4 days)

Groups will...

  • Simultaneously create shared identity and future, all at once

  • Solve opportunities and challenges with the highest stakes and complexity

  • Invite commitment and cooperative action at previously unimaginable speeds and scale

Services are available for online facilitation only.