Joy Challenge

Joy Challenge Week 2!

Alright Friends here we are, we made it to Week 2 of our month long Joy Challenge!

Time to check in and see how you are doing, have you been saying your daily declaration?

Something Awesome is going to happen to me today!

How about your score from 1 to 5 on your Joy Level? Today would be a good day to re gauge your level and compare it to where you were last week.

I have loved seeing all of your posts and seeing how happy you are. Are you ready to give yourself a higher score this week? If not that is OK. I am going to be honest, for me I have actually noticed that I am feeling the opposite. This kind of took me back, I mean here I am hosting this week of joy and pleasure and I just don’t feel great, yesterday in particular. So I allowed myself to be in that state yesterday and still did my self care and self love. I just couldn’t quite get myself to that place of joy yesterday. However I woke up this morning and realized that allowing myself that time should actually be celebrated.

So if you are experiencing the opposite of joy or wondering “What happened? I was flying so high!” then you might be going through the same thing. What often happens is anytime we get out of our comfort zone we actually go into what is called our upper limit and we will often self sabotage ourselves to try and get back into that place where we feel most comfortable.

Let me give you an example, this may look similar to if you were on a diet. You would start out so good, drinking your celery juice and Intermittent fasting, and just be on track. Then you hit a wall and you just feel like throwing up your hands and saying enough, I just want donuts! So then you go and get yourself donuts, which triggers you to feel bad and beat yourself up because you were doing so well.

This is what happens when we try and go outside our comfort zone.

For me, it was just this general feeling of “I am never going to get over this, I am just going to feel bad for the rest of my life. How am I going to get through this joy challenge!” When I woke up today though it dawned on me “Gosh I know exactly what is happening!” I was going outside my comfort zone and that second nature to self sabotage was kicking in. So if you are feeling like that, or if you do later in the month just allow yourselves those feelings but still continue your daily declaration and yourself care so you can push on through! 

OK, so what are we doing this week?

This week I want us all to do more of the same! I want to keep seeing you share how you are taking care of yourself, having fun, and getting that pleasure. Lets seek joy through each others joy this week!  Valentine’s day I will remind you that it is a good time for some extra special attention on your heart. Love your heart, focus on some heart breaths and some MASSIVE self love! Keep your scores on yourself, and keep telling yourself that “something Awesome is going to happen today!

Let’s play a game this week! This week I want you to go and get some stickers, and put the stickers up throughout the house. Then anytime that you see a sticker tell yourself that you love yourself and remind yourself how good you are. Just focus on your self-care and be the cup that is running over ready to share that love with the people in your life.

I can’t wait to hear and see more this week about your love and joy! 

Watch Joy Challenge Week 2 Video below!

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