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The Source of Ego

Ego most often shows up as smaller pieces within ourselves and not always the big monster we think of when we think of as having an “ego”.

Today, I would love to ask you to take a moment to really think about the source of ego, and the ways which it may show up in your life.

I think that when we talk about ego, we all immediately bring to mind someone we know of that is just very self absorbed, boastful, and ego-centric. Because of this, we fail to see, at times, the things that may show up in our own lives as ego.

As humans, we all have an ego. Wayne Dyer said the E.G.O. stood for Edging God Out. Matt Kahn says the ego is the result of an overstimulated nervous system. Whatever you believe it to be, it is not who you are at your core.

It shows up fiercely to falsely inflate your sense of worth, and just as quickly to squash you into a small victim mindset. How confusing is that?


In this quick tip video, I unpack the ego and talk about how to soothe it when it gets the best of you.


Episode 232: Knowing the Source of EGO to Live A More Aligned Life

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