With the holidays upon us, I’ve been reflecting on the importance of giving and receiving and how that affects our lives.

We’re all pretty good about being grateful... but have you noticed yourself missing the mark on being able to receive comfortably? 


I think that we could all use a healthy dose of ‘Permission To Receive’. 


We teach our children how to say thank you, and be grateful for what they are given, but are we still allowing ourselves to graciously receive?… Most of us aren’t. 

There is definitely a disconnect from how we received as children, and how we receive as adults. Maybe you think the gift is too expensive, or perhaps you’re feeling put on the spot because you didn’t have a gift for them?  This behavior is really learned by watching our parents’ interactions when we are gifted or they receive something. By watching them, we’ve learned to pull back, and we’ve seen their discomfort, and as an empath, which most of my listeners are, you feel that discomfort now as well.  


Giving and receiving is a natural cycle, it isn’t meant to cause discomfort, and I think we can all benefit from learning how to be gracious givers and receivers.

In the a previous podcast, I talk about how to be more solid in receiving, and how to learn to receive from a place of nobility.  As adults, and as those that set the example for our children, learning how to receive opens up a whole new world for us. Learning how to be grateful for our future before it arrives and how to be intentional with that frequency out into the world is how we allow for the biggest goals in our lives to be achieved. 


This holiday season, give your children, and yourself the gift of ThanksRECEIVING. 



Episode 247: ThanksRECEIVING: 2 Ways to Receive More Abundantly & Gratefully


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Happy Holidays


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