Episode 261 Fill Your Cup

Episode 261: Releasing Inertia and Letting Go of Excuses

Before I knew the world would be put on a mandatory “time out,” I chose to put myself on one to rest, heal and see what would emerge. Now I’m realizing that my inertia has gotten the best of me and it’s time to record this show again, show up for people and share my own struggles and vulnerabilities as a reassurance that you’re not in this alone, we all FEEL the plethora FEELS and we always have the choice to BE right here, right now, in this moment the FULLNESS that we already are. No need for outside validation. No need for compliments. No need for anything except your own beating heart and life-giving breath.

On today’s episode, I invite you into inquiry around your own inertia and the totality of possibility that can emerge when you get out of your own way.



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