Episode 250_ How to Unsettle

Episode 252: One Essential Self-Love Practice to Thrive During the Holidays

“Love is a mirror, it reflects only your essence, if you have the courage to look in its face.” -Rumi

This ‘most wonderful time of year’ is full of frenetic, consumeristic, rushing, busy energy that drains our souls and leads us to wonder why we’re not feeling so wonderful. In this time of forced giving and getting, offering yourself the gift of self-love will not only help you to feel fulfilled, warm and connected inside, it will lead you to many outer gifts that were previously  unavailable when you left yourself behind.

On today’s episode, I invite you into the next challenge I’ll be leading in my Facebook community (The Morning Light Show) and introduce to you your first self-love practice, Louise Hay’s mirror work. We’ll be following the book Life Loves You together here and in the community so stay tuned in and get ready for a self-love fest that will truly help you see yourself as THE greatest gift.


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