Episode 247: Your Vibe & Clear Intentions Create Your Life

Clear Intentions + Elevated Energy = The Future Your Desire

Being super aware of your personal vibration as I spoke about in the last episode is the first step in creating the future you desire. You can measure your personal vibration with a HRV (heart rate variability) monitor to get a clear picture of how you’re doing, but if that’s not available, you can breath deeply in and out of your heart space and feel the calmness come over you as you get into coherence. Another option, is to deliberately practice gratitude because when we appreciate, we feel whole and when we feel whole we want for nothing, and as ironic as it sounds, when we want for nothing, we have everything available to us. From this elevated energy, when you send out the signal of a clear intention, the Universe can deliver is the quickest and most unexpected way possible.



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