Episode 243_ Gratitude Challenge

Episode 243: Don’t Be Scared, DARE to DREAM (Your Pre-Gratitude Challenge Commitment)

What do you really, really want? That was a question I opened many coaching conversations with in the past, and every time I would ask it, I would notice people’s eyes turning up, which  means they’re engaging they’re pre-frontal cortex (right behind the brow) in actual thinking v. default mode auto-pilot.

It’s time to get off of auto-pilot and be deliberate about what you want to create in your life. When you focus on your dreams in combination with your 30-day gratitude practice (which starts tomorrow, join the party!), you have the magic formula of creation covered – clear intentions + elevated energy = manifestation / magical co-creation with the Universe.

On today’s show, learn 2 simple vision practices to engage in as we start the month of gratitude.



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