Episode 226: Connecting Hearts & Minds: The Favorite Practice of Groups I Lead

This week I was with teams within in organization leading them in a mastermind format to create shared purpose, share stories of team members LIVING the company values, write gratitude notes to colleagues who inspire them, check in on the goals they set last time we were together (May) and celebrate wins and set new goals.

BUT FIRST, to ensure we were at our best, I led them through a heart meditation that ended up being their favorite part of our time together. This practice is equally as beneficial for you as an individual as it is for a group of people coming together, and can take as little as 2 minutes. On today’s show, I share why having out heart and brain in coherence is our ideal state and lead you through a meditation you can use for yourself of with groups.



Heart Facts 

Appreciation / Frustration and Heart Coherence

2 Minute Quick Coherence Technique

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