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Entropy- The Necessity Of Positive Thinking

Entropy tells us that, over time, systems and people tend to move towards disorder and chaos, and break down.


To think about this in simple terms:

Think of a car. If I were to leave my car parked outside my house for 20 years, it would become rusted, the tires would lose air, and it would be in total disarray from lack of care.

The same is true with our relationships, if we neglect them then over time they can start to fracture and disintegrate without us even being aware. This could apply to your personal relationships with friends and family or even your workplace. You have been somewhere for many years and you are no longer feeling that appreciation and it is making you disengage as an employee.


Take a minute to think about how this affects you, it could be that it is making you lose that passion for your work and you can start to feel like you just can’t do this anymore.


How is Entropy a part of your life right now?


There is always a part of your life that is dying and part that is asking to be born. The real question to ask is, are their things in your life that you need to let go and let die, or on the opposite side, are their things you need to focus more light and positivity on?

You have to maintain things by putting positive life back into whatever in your life is experiencing this Entropy. If you are thinking about a relationship, maybe it is time to have that conversation with your partner/friend/family member or even a boss about how you are feeling. Be honest and open about the things that can change, but also be willing to compliment them on the things they are doing right. Do what you can to shift the attitude to one of gratitude and appreciation. Do what you need to in order to infuse light back into the relationship.


Now, I will also tell you there are times in your life when certain things do need to just end and be let go. While it is helpful to think about reframing these, you also need to be really tuned into the things that are shifting in your life. We change as humans grow and evolve, and everything we have been doing does not necessarily need to continue. I invite you today to take a minute and identify where that Entropy is in your life, as well as how you might turn that around.

You can infuse in that attitude of Gratitude and appreciation where you have things you need to shine more light in. And be free to let go of the things that have run their course, let them go so you focus more of your time on the things that make you happy and bring you light. 



Take a look at this quick tip video, to learn a bit more about how your “light” effects your life!


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