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Connecting Hearts & Minds

You have probably heard the phrase “Follow your Heart” many times throughout your life. You may be a person who thinks that is a cheesy thing to say or you may use this as your life’s mantra!

Regardless of how you feel about that phrase, there is so much intelligence in our hearts that goes untapped. This can help us to think more clearly, it can help our nervous system, and so many more benefits of harnessing the energy from your hearts.

I have been using this personally, but I also have lately been using it with the groups I facilitate.

Harnessing the energy from your heart can be great with groups of any size, from one on one or even large event groups of 150+. The power of it is incredible and the simplicity of it is even more incredible. Just knowing in 3 small steps you can get yourself to a place of harnessing the full intelligence and energy of your heart, being in your best thinking, and your best energy.


Let me walk you through the small steps you can start taking today-

  1. Deep Breathing- Make sure your inhales and exhales are equal. You can use a count of 5 or 6 to make sure they are staying the same. 
  2. Focusing your energy or attention on your heart- You can do this by putting your hand on your heart as you breath. Focus on the beating and the energy from within. 
  3. Bringing in Appreciation or Gratitude- Think of someone or something, it can be someone you love, your favorite place; somewhere you feel connected and joyful. Bring in the energy you feel about this thought and focus on that energy as you continue to breathe and focus on the beating of your heart. 


Just hold this space for yourself for a few minutes and you will find yourself feeling calmer, peaceful and more focused. You will find that you are also able to communicate in a more connected way and be more present with the people around you.


Take a look at this quick tip video, to learn this amazing meditation technique!


Episode 226: Connecting Hearts & Minds

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