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Being The Future YOU Now

Are you the kind of person who spends more time in the past or in the future?

Most of us have a hard time living in the present, we are either focused on the past or focused on the future, but are envisioning a future we do not want to create.


Today I am going to give you the gift of living in that future today. If there is something in your life you are looking to change, it is crucial to step into the feeling of what you want to create now.

This can be overwhelming and confusing because our brain is hardwired to continue having the same thought pattern that prevents us from moving forward. Our brain loves predictability and certainty, and it will go out of its way to stay in that comfort zone.

If you are ready to break out of your comfort zone and do something different to achieve something you have never done before, you have to get to a place to embody the energy of who you want to be in the future.


Let’s say there is a certain goal or desire you are working toward, I want you to really think about how you will feel when those goals are finally achieved.

For example, maybe your goal is about physical fitness, you want to work out more. It may be that the first thought that comes to you when you think about working out is “Ugh I don’t want to do this, I am going to be sore…” because our brains are already hardwired to have negative thoughts about working out.


In order to push yourself into action it is important to flip the script and start thinking about what you want to feel when you achieve a level of fitness where you want to be. Positive feelings such as having more energy, feeling good in your body, or wearing a pair of jeans you haven’t been able to wear in awhile. Spend time every day on feeling the emotion and intensity of what that is like. You want to memorize it in every cell of your body until it gets to a point where you can’t not become it. If you want to move beyond where you are now and you want a life that is not on autopilot, you need to step in and feel the energy of your future.


What emotion or feeling can you start to embrace and feel for a few minutes today in order to step into that future in front of you?


Take a look at this quick tip video, to learn how to be the future YOU now!


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