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Archive for December 2019


With the holidays upon us, I’ve been reflecting on the importance of giving and receiving and how that affects our lives. We’re all pretty good about being grateful… but have you noticed yourself missing the mark on being able to receive comfortably?    I think that we could all use a healthy dose of ‘Permission…

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Episode 251: How to “Unsettle” and Be a Deliberate Creator – Part II

In Episode 250, you learned how the amygdala processes the familiar / unfamiliar, the ‘why’ behind the internal and external factors of creating sustained change and exactly how to drastically change your personal reality through the power of up-leveling your baseline. On today’s episode, dig more into the how behind this scientific process, get clear…

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Episode 246: Elevating & Sustaining Your Personal Vibration to Lead A Life You Love

You personal vibration is the combination of your thoughts, feelings, attitudes and behaviors that literally creates a field of energy around your body. Your current life circumstances are what they are because they align with your current vibration level. If you want to create (and sustain) a new reality for yourself, you have to uplevel…

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Episode 245: Connective Conversations and Thriving Workplace Cultures with Mo McKenna

Today’s guest, Mo McKenna, has an incredible energy, passion and desire to learn. Her journey in the corporate world and watching people be laid off in a non-caring way led her to learn about Organizational Development and the Appreciative Inquiry method over 20 years ago. Today she helps organizational climates be renewed through relationships and…

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