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Archive for November 2019

Episode 229: Be YOU and Be LOVED

As humans, we want to know that we can be fully ourselves and be fully loved and accepted. It seems so simple, yet is rarely experienced. Fully ourselves means flawed, fucked up, happy, sad, fun, boring, naughty, nice, loud, quiet – all of the above. Fully loved means, “I love you because and in spite…

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Episode 225: Wisdom is Everywhere (Even in a Starbuck’s Lid)

I love my Starbuck’s iced coconut milk lattes and yesterday’s treat delivered a bonus lesson about PAYING ATTENTION in the present moment and ASKING for what you want. On today’s show, wisdom from a Starbuck’s lid, and an invitation to tune into the life lessons that surround you.     Support this podcast:

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Episode 223: A Sweet Story of Surrender

Even when you’re at your lowest low, you can manifest something incredibly beautiful and life-changing. This is a benevolent Universe and today’s story of surrender about my client Sarah meeting a special soul when she was in a slump will forever change the way you think about how much you’re loved! Listen:   Support this…

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