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Instant messages, non-emotional texts, automatic alerts, and endless email streams. Today it’s easier than ever to connect with someone on a surface level in seconds.

However, the unintended consequence of 24/7 connectivity and surface-level exchanges, is disjointed communication, lack of deep connection, and staying stuck in the status quo.

Are your conversations skimming the surface or stuck in the status quo?

If so, you may be missing the essentials to bringing out the unique strengths, purpose, and aspirations of your people.

Master the Power of Questions

When faced with challenges, the questions you ask have a massive impact on what you can achieve.

Questions like, “Why is this happening to me?” or “What did I do to deserve this?” put you in a negative frame of mind.

“What’s the solution here?” or “How will this help me grow and expand?” are questions that put you in an unstoppable frame of mind.

What kind of questions do you want your teams asking themselves?

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Build a Collective Genius

When two mindful people have a meaningful conversation on a topic vital to your organization, a third person is literally created who is collectively brighter than the two people talking.

Add several more enlightened minds to this conversation and a collective genius is born who can achieve anything your team can imagine.

Are your team members working as a collective whole or in fragmented silos?

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Ignite The Creative Power of Your Group!

The creative power of a collective group is ignited when the individuals who comprise it are in alignment with their true purpose. This is true of a company or a mastermind community.

I help you infuse this mindset into your organization so everyone in it feels safe to be the greatest version of themselves every day.

This empowers your group to excel at the speed of your imagination!

I invite you to discover how I help organizations do this and contact me to discuss how together we can build the collective genius of your group.

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One-on-one and group coaching to create contagious clarity, confidence, and energy to do the work and lead the life they love.

"Adair Cates is an absolutely amazing human. She facilitated the mastermind with grace and class. So effective."

Richie Norton

Author of Start Something Stupid, Speaker, Advisor

"Her subject matter expertise across various scientific and training disciplines are a powerhouse paired with her ability to personally connect. This combination allows a uniquely holistic approach I have not found elsewhere. For this reason, I recommend Adair even if you have worked with other coaches in the past."

Kathryn V.

Compliance Manager / Greenleaf Management

"​Adair has quickly emerged as a leader amongst our community of 200 Facilitators that represent over 20 countries. Any organization would be smart to align with her for a better future."

Jon Berghoff

Co-Founder & President, XChange

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About Adair Cates

About Adair Cates

I help you (and your team) be the greatest version of yourselves by focusing on your strengths, expanding your thinking, breaking through your emotional blocks, establishing new routines, and offering you heartfelt accountability to see you through the transformation.