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Reflection Questions for Changing Times

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Team and community meetings on Zoom and other digital platforms are the new normal, and while the IT platforms are more advanced than ever, the operating system to truly lead people digitally is stuck in the industrial age - a few people with the answers share and direct, while everyone pretends to listen while multi-tasking and checking out.

In this time of massive change, when we need to connect and solve problems digitally more than ever, most technology-based meetings are surface-level exchanges, that lead to disjointed communication, lack of deep connection, and staying stuck in the old paradigm. It IS possible to connect deeply and solve real world problems online. Let me show you how!

Are your online conversations leading to deep connection and empowered problem solving?

If not, you're missing the essentials to connecting people digitally and bringing out the best of individuals and groups.

Harness the Power of Questions to...

Our questions are fateful. 

Deficit-based, problem-focused questions lead to lack-based, contracted solutions.

Life-giving, solutions-focused questions lead to innovation, creativity and new ways of approaching problems.

What kind of questions are you asking?

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Unlock Collective Wisdom to...

Command and Control leadership depends on a few people having all the answers. It's outdated, doesn't work and is rooted in the Industrial Age.

In the Digital Age, whole-system leadership is required to unlock collective wisdom to answer questions and create viable solutions together.

Are you bringing out the best in your team or relying on old ways of leading?

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Get Exponential Results!

The XChange Approach I use to lead groups focuses on harnessing the best of what was, is and will be to solve real world problems.

Virtually and in person it not only creates instant psychological safety and connection, it leads to exponential outcomes and breakthroughs even in the most stuck and confused circumstances.

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Group facilitation to create deep connection & inspire transformation.



One-on-one and group coaching to create contagious clarity, confidence, and energy to do the work and lead the life they love.

“Adair was lovely! Her energy was infectious, she had incredible tone and cadence and she made the virtual experience very personal.”

Vanessa Manning

Owner, Provocateur Consulting

"When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we decided to bring our clients together so they could learn and be resourceful together. To do that, we hired Adair with XCHANGE and have continued to grow our focus on events because of how she’s successfully gone above and beyond to deliver connective, collaborative convenings online.”

Andrew Smallwood

Director of Sales, Second Nature

"​Adair has quickly emerged as a leader amongst our community of 200 Facilitators that represent over 20 countries. Any organization would be smart to align with her for a better future."

Jon Berghoff

Co-Founder & President, XChange

About Adair Cates

About Adair Cates

I help you (and your team or community) connect deeply to solve problems through a whole- system, collaborative approach that focuses on strengths, expands thinking, breaks through blocks and establishes new routines. I offer you heartfelt accountability to help you thrive when the stakes are highest.